Leah Saulnier’s surrealist food paintings

Leah Saulnier is an oil painter based in Santa Fe (New Mexico) whose canvases are full of humor and surrealism. Her paintings have been related to artists such as Norman Rockwell, Magritte or Dalí, and although she has many different sources of inspiration, food plays quite an important role in her art. The ideas behind her paintings are based on everyday activities and strange dreams.

When we saw her weird characters, crazy scenes and colorful art, it was love at first sight, so here’s a selection of her food-related pieces. You can find more about her work on her blog, check it out!

the coffee addict

«The Coffee Addict»

Fruit collector

«Fruit collector»

sugar addict

«Sugar Addict»

Alien Cookies

«Alien Cookies»

The Amazing Race 6

«The Amazing Race 6»

Protecting Baby

«Protecting Baby»

Surreal Lemon Tree

«Surreal Lemon Tree»

Horned Melon Tree aka Horny fruit tree

«Horned Melon Tree, aka Horny fruit tree»

Dragon Fruit Tree 1

«Dragon Fruit Tree 1»

Sushi Bar

 «Sushi Bar»

The 3 Goyas

«The 3 Goyas»

Fast Food Nightmare

«Fast Food Nightmare»

Fast Food Nightmare 2 The Happy Meal

«Fast Food Nightmare 2, The Happy Meal»

Camel Toe Juice

«Camel Toe Juice»

Text by María Arranz