I ate Hello Kitty. Vol. 1


Yes, I’m in love with Hello Kitty, the pink power and absolutely everything related with her face. But for me it’s not enough to have a Kitty backpack, a Kitty mobile phone, a pair of Kitty T-shirts, Kitty posters, Kitty mugs and a sweet Kitty duvet. Now I can eat her too and feel her inside me.

So the other day I cooked homemade pizza and I tried to give it a cat shape. I put pepperoni as the two sweet little eyes, one mushroom for the nose and a lot of mozzarella to create her soft white hair. A few minutes later, I had a hot and tasty Kitty (or something like Kitty) for dinner.

Then I searched in Google and I discovered that I was not the only sick person in the world. The worse part, was that all the Kitty’s meals I found were much better than mine. I even found a food company that produce them in Taiwan, ready to go into the microwave.

Which of this ones do you think is mine?








Text by Edu García