Big Bang Broccoli!


Nobody seems to care about fruit and vegetables. But these are exactly the products that do what others claim. They make you happy, sexy, healthy, energetic… and all that! So we thought ‘let’s stick up for the veggies’! The initiators of Big Bang Broccoli did not want to start a boring campaign telling people to eat more greens. They want to make you crave for your next shot of broccoli. The Big Bang Broccoli campaign was initiated by the Dutch platform FoodGuerrilla and made in collaboration with the Dutch advertising agency Boomerang Create.

During the coming weeks there will be different broccoli minded events in The Netherlands. Today, May 31st, Broccoli is coming to town. During this event, broccoli-growers will be sampling and promoting the first fresh broccoli’s in the city center of Amsterdam.

Only 5% of the Dutch are eating enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Time for change, time for broccoli.




Text by Edu García